David Hayter – A Quick Interview With The Voice Of Solid Snake

Photo Credit: ShogunGamer (Corey Rollins)

Already known throughout the entertainment industry as the screenwriter of movies such as X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and The Watchmen. David Hayter caught the game industry’s attention with his now iconic portrayal of Solid Snake throughout the Metal Gear Solid saga. From it’s beginnings on the original PlayStation back in 1998, to the most recent Peace Walker, the Metal Gear Solid games always featured David Hayter as the iconic Solid Snake/Big Boss.

Despite his busy schedule as the host of the Canadian Videogame Awards and meeting fans during the Fan Expo, David Hayter took a few minutes to talk with us about how he got the job as the host of the award show, how he balances his busy work and life schedules, and of course if we’ll ever hear him as Solid Snake again in the future.

Check out our quick interview with David Hayter (voice of Solid Snake) after the break.

David and myself at Vancouver Fan Expo (Photo taken with a PlayStation Vita)

*Author’s Note* – A day prior to the interview, I got to meet David at the Vancouver Fan Expo (pictured above) and again during the Canadian Videogame Awards where we got to chat about a number of things including his successful hosting duties at the award show and a couple of the projects that he’s currently working on. Anyway, on to the interview.

JTM Games: *In a joking manner* So could you tell us who you are and what you do?

David Hayter: I’m David Hayter. I’m the voice of Solid Snake and an excellent, excellent screenwriter.

JTM Games: So David, how did you get the Host Position for the Canadian Videogame Awards, and how did you prepare for it? 

David Hayter: Well, they (Victor Lucas of Greedy Prodcutions/Electric Playground) asked me if I could do it a few weeks ago and I thought that would be pretty kick-ass. So I said yes, and then I prepared for it by writing all of my individual bits (including the surprise guest character appearances). We also shot a bunch of video stuff in California to put together for the awards. And that was basically it.

Then I flew up here (Canada) had some great meals, met a lot of great people and here we are!

JTM Games: You’re a screenwriter, an actor, and a videogame voice actor; How do you balance all of the projects that you’re working on? 

David Hayter: Well it’s not easy; I mean you know, obviously my time is pretty occupied but I find that if you really want to work on something, you take the job and it tends to work out schedule-wise. I’ve just been fortunate enough that people want to hire me for things, and so I’m just making it through one day at a time really.

*During this time, David wgot called to leave for a meeting and we had to cut the interview short.*

JTM Games: Final question David. After Solid Snake’s bookend in MGS4 and after Peace Walker, do you think we’ll ever hear you as Solid Snake or Big Boss sometime again in the future? 

David Hayter: *In Solid Snake Voice* I certainly hope so.

JTM Games: Thanks for your time. David!

David Hayter: You’re welcome Jan, I’m glad we found some time to do this.

*End Interview*

I would like to personally thank David Hayter for taking the time to talk with us given his busy schedule. As a big Metal Gear Solid fan since it’s beginnings on the PSOne, it was an honor to meet the screenwriter of some of my favorite films of the last decade, and the voice actor for the iconic Solid Snake. You can catch David Hayter as host of  the Canadian Videogame Awards on Citytv on April 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm, and on G4 Canada on April 28 & 29, 2012.

Finally, I’d like to thank Corey Rollins of ShogunGamer for the high-res photo of David from the CVA Red Carpet Event, check out ShogunGamer for video game news, original interviews, convention coverage, reviews & contests.

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