Destructoid Contributor Rants About Felicia Day; Faces Internet Backlash

Twitter ID and name removed for obvious reasons.

When will people learn? Twitter is a public venue

Last night, Twitter was host to yet another game industry backlash when a Destructoid contributor ranted on Twitter, calling Felicia Day (of The Guild, Geek & Sundry, and Dragon Age II fame) a “glorified booth babe” and added that she doesn’t “seem to add anything creative to the medium.” Hurtful comments indeed, especially in the wake of the relatively recent Twitter attacks on BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler. Once again, these are definitely not things anyone wants said about industry professionals, whether they are female or male.

When word got out about the rant, Twitter lit up. More on the news after the break.

Current Host of Teczilla, Revision3, and former PlayStation Qore host Veronica Belmont then got on Twitter to defend her friend Felicia Day, calling out Destructoid and letting them know that one of their writers has said some pretty nasty things about the respected game industry and entertainment personality. Things escalated with many of the industries biggest names and fans of all flavours joining in the conversation.

Even inside the Destructoid community there were intense debates the about the matter. A number of Destructoid community members have gone on record, defending Felicia Day and condemning the contributor’s rant. As well, Destructoid has since issued a number statements apologizing to Day and to those affected by the hurtful comments. Destructoid has said that they have ended their professional relationship with the contributor.

The result.

We feel bad for both Felicia Day and Destructoid. Felicia for being insulted like that in front of the internet, and Destructoid because they had to incur the wrath of the internet for something they had no control over. No one is a winner in this situation. Here at JTM, we pledge to never use our site as a platform to spread hate speech or to abuse another.

(Update: The now ex-contributor has recently apologized to Ms. Day. She has graciously accepted the apology. Truly a classy lady.)

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I heard about this earlier. SO ridiculous, and it makes everyone in games journalism look bad — not just Destructoid.

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