Five Reasons – Why We’re Excited for Grand Theft Auto V


Ever since finishing GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City, I’d been craving for more open-world games with engaging characters and a finely crafted story. I found it in last year’s Sleeping Dogs with its relatable protagonist, brutal combat mechanics, and a deep story. However, as much as I loved Sleeping Dogs, Grand Theft Auto it is not. There’s something about Rockstar-created worlds that keep you coming back for more. Perhaps it’s the unique and crazy characters you meet, or the fact that you can raise as much hell as you want whenever you’re having a bad day. So like you, most of us here at JTM can’t wait to get our hands on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

Here are five reasons why we’re excited to play it. 


Tennis is just one of the activities you can do in Los Santos.

5) So Many Freaking Things To Do

One of the reasons many of us can’t stop playing Grand Theft Auto games is because there’s just so much stuff to do in the each and GTA V is no different. Within city limits, you’ll be able to work as a taxi driver, base-jump off buildings, play golf and tennis, go to the gym, or even steal cars and sell them for extra cash. Out in the wilderness, you’ll be able to go jet-skiing, scuba diving, and more. You might even trigger random events (a la Read Dead Redemption) where you’ll have to defend yourself or help those in need.

Then there’s the updated cellphone system. Remember when you had to go to internet cafe’s to browse the world wide web in GTA IV? Well you’ll have that in the palm of your hands now as your character’s smartphone can now be used to browse the Grand Theft Auto universe internet. Of course, you’ll be able to use the phone to call your friends and invite them to activities. How annoying their phone calls can be is yet to be seen; but hopefully they won’t be as invasive as in the last game.

Now I wonder if we can use the game’s smartphone as a portable music player as well? Radio on the go? Yes please!


It’s nice to visit the laid-back, yet-still-gangster city of Los Santos.

4) A Return To Los Santos

Cruising around the city of Los Santos and it’s realistic take on 90’s LA was (in my opinion) the best part of GTA San Andreas. And this time, Rockstar is creating a Los Santos that’s so large that it dwarfs the worlds found in GTA IV, GTA San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption put together. But I think that will work for the game because again, there’s so much to do and places to explore that players will welcome the increase in square footage.

That said, Los Santos will include the inner city, the surrounding suburbia, the mountains and forests outside city limits, and beaches. You’ll be able to visit the iconic Vinewood sign (and climb it apparently) as well as hang out with people in the sun in GTA V’s version of Venice beach.


Tighter controls and cars that don’t slide every which way? Yes please!

3) Improved Driving Mechanics + More Vehicle Types

GTA IV’s driving mechanics took some getting used to; it was a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. Thankfully Rockstar has tweaked driving mechanics so that cars feel less boat-y and control tighter. Rockstar has said that driving in GTA V will feel more like a racing game so expect tighter controls. You’ll be able to drive a staggering number of vehicles that your head is going to spin. Want to ride a bike a la GTA San Andreas? Go ahead. Want drive a high-end sports car based on Audi’s new line? Go crazy. You’ll be able to drive a large number of cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, and bikes. You’ll also be able to take control of various speedboats, yacht on the water.

Finally and most importantly, Los Santos is so huge that Rockstar has added helicopters, planes, and even fighter jets. The entire world is open as soon as you start the game so you can explore as much as you want as often as you want without having to get through the story to open up parts of the city. If you’re in it for the story though  there will be a large number of missions that require flying one of these so you’ll get a lot of flying practice either way.


GTA V’s Protagonists: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

2) Three Playable Protagonists

Featuring three playable protagonists, Grand Theft Auto V’s story is going to expand on GTA IV’s (Nico, Johnny, and Luis Lopez) intertwining stories. In GTA V, You’ll get to play as Michael, a rich ex-gangster living the high life; Franklin, a younger lad who works for a group of gangsters; and finally Trevor, a slightly mentally-deranged, ex-military criminal that’s reminiscent of the medicated psycho Lynch from IO Interactive’s Kane and Lynch franchise. Each have their own personal stories that players can pursue, but the three’s lives will intertwine because of their goals and motivations.

Outside of missions, you’ll be able to switch between each of the three characters. If you remember the soldier-switch mechanics in Battlefield: Modern Combat for the Xbox, then you’ll have and idea how the character-switching works in GTA V. The ones that you’re not controlling will continue to live their daily lives so it feels more real and natural. In missions though, you’ll be able to switch between each character to use their particular strengths for the situation. You can play as one character throughout the entire mission and have the AI control the others which is fine too; the game allows you to complete missions your own way.


Expect crazy heists, epic set pieces, and thrilling escapes!

1) Large-Scale Set Piece Heists

Rockstar has said that GTA V was largely inspired by the large-scale heist mission in GTA IV. That’s why many of the missions that you’ll partake in build up and culminates with Trevor, Michael, and Franklin each doing their part in a large scale set piece heist. Using the character-switching mechanic, you can place each of the characters to do a certain job that’s key to your heist’s success. Michael could be go as a gun man getting rid of enemy guards, with Trevor providing covering fire from a distance, and Franklin acting as a getaway driver once the heist is completed.

What’s not to be excited about for Grand Theft Auto V? With an almost-never ending amount of things to do, a large open world, improved driving, three protagonists, to choose from, and large set piece missions, GTA V is set to become the biggest game of the year and a great swansong for this console generation. If those reasons don’t get you excited for the game, then I don’t know what else will.

Which of the game’s features are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. You had me at fighter jets. Geez. They said the map is pretty much 1:1 with the real world map. So I’m excited to start riding around, doing whatever. Not to mention to occasional shootout at the hospital when you’re having a bad day (in the game, not in real life ;)

    Btw, unless it differs among regions, the guy from GTA IV name was Niko (not Nico).

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