DEFIANCE Aims To Change The MMO Landscape As We Know It

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Get ready JTM Nation; Defiance is coming and it aims to change the MMO landscape as we know it!

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the game because I’m willing to bet that over 90% of the world’s video game population hasn’t either. But if Trion Studios and Rockne S. O’Bannon (Defiance’s TV Producer and Writer) have their way, we will all be swooning over the franchise come April. Defiance is an amalgam of gaming and Sci-fi television that is poised to blow your mind in so many ways.

Learn more about Defiance (Game and TV Show) after the break.

So What is Defiance?

On April 15th, the world will be introduced to a new Sci-fi universe that pulls elements of famous science fiction franchises of years past. The best way I can describe the aesthetic is that its one part Mad Max, one part Waterworld, with a smattering of Star Wars and Stargate thrown in for good measure. Oh let’s be real here; It’s a world unlike any other.

Essentially Earth is now home to a vast array of alien species that arrived to start a new home after fleeing their native planets. The planet we call home has slowly been terraformed to accommodate our new guests and life as we know it has changed. In this new Earth, everything is familiar yet alien all at once. The TV show picks up after all of us have accommodated to the changes and used to each others presence. The show follows a Han Solo-ish character as he travels to St. Louis with his adopted daughter (she’s an alien) and begins to interact with all manner of characters and personalities.

defiance show screenshot

The show promises strong character development and ongoing dramatic storylines set on this “New Earth” so before you assume that this game is going to be another lame “based on the hit TV series” console/PC port allow me to blow your mind!

In addition to being a 3rd-person shooter, the game is also a full-fledged MMO. The world of Defiance is a persistent, constantly evolving game world. Most PC players are up to date on this  genre’s conventions but console players have never experienced this type of game before (save for a couple of titles released many moons ago) and the closest thing they have experienced  to persistence is the game Minecraft. We are talking about thousands of players on the same server, all able to be played with and interacted with.

So How Will the Defiance TV show and game intersect?

defiance gameplayNormally, being an MMO subscriber means paying an ongoing subscription fee of some kind; but that’s where Defiance sets itself apart. It’s free-to-play (powered by micro transactions and DLC packs, as well as a one-time purchase of $59.99 for the client) but does not limit what you experience because of it.

In addition, as TV series progresses the developers will be cross-pollinating the game world with various events that occur in the show and in-game events will make their way into the TV series’ plot lines  Characters from the TV show will pop up in the game and you’ll be able to interact with them. This is an unprecedented level of collaboration between thew two mediums and the first time this has been attempted for a video game!

I could go on forever about all the cool features and aspects of this game and TV show that gamers should be excited about but instead, I’ll show you with this trailer:

For now, here are five major reasons to be incredibly excited about this game!

  • It’s a MMO shooter on your home console that you can play without monthly fees. (minus the one-time $59.99 client cost)
  • Play with your friends regardless of what platform they use. (PS3, PC, XBOX)
  • Character customization features that allows you to make your character truly unique.
  • A full “twitch” shooter under the hood that rewards player skill and not “point-and-click” combat like most MMO games on the market.
  • A TV series that draws from the game and a game that pulls story from the TV show!

Look forward to this game in April and be prepared to experience a game like no other you have ever played. This may be the only game you need to play this year. Oh yeah; the TV show is being listed on Sy-Fy in the U.S. and for all our Canadian readers you can pick it up on Showcase.

Dwayne “EVO Knight” Morash

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  1. Hey there, this one is not free to play strictly speaking. It does cost you a $60.00 buy in to play the game after which there are no monthly fees, which is where you must have meant that it was free to play.

    That is a link to their website to double check their pricing setup.

    • Thanks for the catch Clarence! Really appreciate the your help that’s for sure. It does cost $59.99 for the PC client and most likely the PS3 and 360 clients as well. Disc prices are to be at the $59.99 range according to Gamestop/EB Games.
      The article should now reflect the edits!

  2. Yeah, its not free to play. Its 60 dollars same as any other new game. Its even worse, you spend 60 plus micro transactions in game so you will spend way more money in a “free to play” than you would on a regular paid for game. Planetside2, blacklight retribution and etc..thise real free to play games, defiance is a regular game with massive online multiplayer.

    • Hey Sinistro, totally noted. It’s not quite as free-to-play as SOE’s Planetside 2 and Zombie Studios’ Blacklight Retribution, as there is a one-time fee of $59.99 (Standard Edition) for the client. According to Trion Worlds, after that one-time fee, there will be NO monthly fees of any kind.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Dartmouth Robinson

    “The game is a 3rd-person MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that is playable across all platforms (PC, XBOX, and PS3) and is the only game this generation to allow cross-platform play. If you don’t know what that means Ill elaborate – YOU CAN PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS REGARDLESS OF WHAT PLATFORM THEY OWN!”
    That is not true they wanted to do that but could not make it happen.

  4. liked your blog cool stuff and now a follower, hope you follow back. Awesome review but we will be watching since this isnt the first game that advertised one thing effecting the other.

  5. I can’t wait for this game to come out. Nice post and i just started making videos on the game. If you would like let me know what you think of them

    • Hey Bryce,

      Have you picked up Defiance yet? What did you think of the game. I’ve been eyeing it at my local game store for a week but I’m still not sure if I want to pick it up. Would you recommend it?

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