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Indie Spotlight – DLC Quest (Xbox Live Indie)

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A lot of people dismiss the Xbox Live Indie storefront as a place to find cheap Minecraft knockoffs, but if you actually dig deeper, you’ll find unique and fun indie games like the Ottawa-based Going Loud Studios’ DLC quest; an 8-bit platformer that satires the game industry’s most enduring hot-topics, questionable DLC practices.

For 80 Microsoft Points (MSP), you’ll find a short but funny game with tight, platforming action and an incredibly addictive chiptune soundtrack. To be perfectly honest, I think DLC Quest is more worthy of your precious Microsoft Points compared to many of the add-on DLC’s currently available for some of the industry’s biggest games. It may be short, but I appreciated the satirical look at one of the gaming industry’s most talked-about issues.

Find out more about the Canadian-developed indie DLC Quest after the break. Read the rest of this entry

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