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The Bridge Review – Turn The World Upsidedown

the bridge review

The Bridge, developed by Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda, is an award winning 2D logic puzzle game that started life as a university project and has since become an Indie favorite.

If M.C. Escher was a game designer, The Bridge would have been his darling project. If you’re a fan of twisted images and perspective puzzles, this is a game for you. Read on for more.

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Indie Spotlight – The Bridge (2012 PAX 10 Winner)

the bridge pc logo

Can you imagine? A title that started out as a master’s degree project turned into one of the most creative and unique PC games to come in years. I’m of course talking about Ty Taylor’s The Bridge, winner of the PAX 10, and a beautiful, hand-drawn adventure puzzle game that disorients your notions of physics and perspective.

Part Echochrome, part Limbo, and full of interesting ways to solve puzzles, The Bridge is one of those games that engage you both visually and mentally. Built from the ground up to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers, The Bridge asks you to solve each of it’s thought-provoking puzzles by taking a number of elements into effect. You’ll have to deal with gravity, sloped surfaces, physics, plays on perspective, time, and even enemies as you proceed to solve each room puzzle.

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P2P – The Indie Uprising and Reemergence of Adventure Games


The indie game scene has been gathering steam over the last few years; smaller development studios are now able to distribute their games on bigger platforms and are able to reach mainstream audiences. Conventions like PAX dedicate locations for indie developers and millions of gamers have played and thoroughly enjoyed their share of indie excellence.

It’s amazing to see the shift within the game industry and consumers; while the Triple-A titles will still sell, more and more gamers are starting to realize that they CAN find indie games that tackle social issues, games that take creative risks, and games that affect them on personal and emotional levels just like their favourite books and films. Fellow JTM writer Jordan Shaw and I recently had a conversation about the indie uprising, the reemergence of adventure games, as well as indie’s impact on the industry. Read the rest of this entry

Indie Spotlight – Slender Rising (iOS)


There’s no doubt that Slender was a bonafide indie PC hit. It’s a simple game that scared its players through effective use of atmosphere, tension, and an inescapable evil. There was no escaping Slender Man.

Hoping to cash in on its success, developers all over the world rushed to build on the Slender formula with varying quality. There’s definitely a large number of horrible Slender rip-offs, but once in a while talented indie developers get it right and create their own version that at times, surpasses the original. For example, Xbox Live Indie has White Noise, Android users have Slender Man: Episode 1 Alone, and finally iOS users have Slender Rising.

In many ways, I think Slender Rising is a much better game than the original Slender for the PC. Built on the Unreal Engine, it’s got the same terrifying atmosphere, tension, and creepy antagonist; however it also brings a lot of new and welcome additions to the formula. This includes the tight first person controls that’s unique to the touch-screen platforms, day and night modes, a creepy-as-hell night vision mode, and unique other game modes to keep each playthrough interesting.

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Boss Rush Mode Coming to Night Whisper Lane Scenario 2


Earlier today, Toronto-based indie developer EPX Games contacted JTM about a new mode coming to Night Whisper Lane Scenario 2 next week. Titled “Boss Rush Mode,” this new feature has players facing consecutive boss battles as an extra challenge. Just like a survival mode in other games, players will be awarded extra health and weapons if they survive each battle. I’ve also been told that weapons are quite limited in this mode, so planning and careful use is recommended.

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2012: The Year of the Canadian Indie


2012 was a banner year for the Canadian videogame industry. From groundbreaking indies to benchmarking triple A titles, there was no shortage of top-quality, Canadian-developed games. And in the year when the full-game download and digital distribution became an industry standard, the gaming community in general was introduced to a number of talented indie development teams through their creative, fun, and genre-bridging games.

What’s interesting about the new indie scene is that games are available not just on PC anymore like it used to be; gamers can now purchase and download indie games on their dedicated handheld systems, their favourite game consoles, and even on their smartphones and tablets. It just shows that the modern gamer isn’t just interested in the triple-A blockbuster, but they’re also willing to play smaller, yet equally – if not moreso – playable productions.

Check out six of 2012’s best Canadian indie developers and their groundbreaking games after the break.

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Vessel – Strange Loop Games’ Studio Head Talks Liquid Mechanics and Puzzles

One of the first independent games that caught my eye at PAX Prime, developer Strange Loop Games’ Vessel features an interesting 2D/3D hybrid art style as well as a unique liquid simulation mechanic. This liquid simulation utilized different liquids and their unique properties and mixtures that had dramatic effects on the game’s puzzles.

I recently had a chat with John Krajewski, Studio Head at Strange Loop Games about what inspired the Vessel’s mechanics and gameplay, main character and story, as well as platforms that the game will release on later.

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Indie Game: The Movie Added to Netflix Streaming Service

Independent game enthusiasts can rejoice as Indie Game: The Movie has been added to the Netflix (US) streaming service. Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary that follows indie developers Team Meat and Polytron – who developed Super Meat Boy and Braid respectively – as they developed and struggled to get their games out to the public.

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To The Moon Review

Indie developer Freebird Games describes their latest title To the Moon as “an indie Adventure RPG, about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish”, but this game so much more than that.

This game offers a wonderful mix of high concept story, touching character and low brow humour. The 3 to 4.5 hour journey it takes to navigate and transform the memories of a dying man is well worth setting out on.

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Bust-N-Rush Producer Talks Alienware, Game Modes, and Audio Design

A few weeks ago, I published a preview of Bust-N-Rush, an endless running game that literally changes the genre in that instead of running away from dangers, players run and bust through enemies and (some) hazards as the badass Kovo. It’s fast, frantic, and it’ll do it’s best to challenge players with it’s procedural level generation and tension mechanics.

I recently sat down with Techtonic Games’ Jeromy Maligie, Producer of Bust-N-Rush to talk about the game’s different modes, unique audio design process, environmental hazards, and their exciting partnership with Alienware.

Check out the full interview after the break.

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