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The Best Games You Missed in 2012 – Part 2

games you missed 2012

Last week we published part one of what we think are the best games that many people missed in 2012. Games like Spec Ops: the Line, Sleeping Dogs, DYAD, and Sound Shapes went unnoticed and never achieved the sales that they deserved. Hopefully last weeks list helped people find the games that they forgot or didn’t hear about because it didn’t get the marketing it needed to stand-out in the over-populated marketplace.

This next list include a Japanese wolf-god, a lone survivor, a demon-possessed gangster, a hyper-violent killer and more so check out the Best Games You Missed in 2012 – Part 2 after the break.

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Lone Survivor Coming to PS Vita and PS3

Fans of independent and horror games will love this; Jasper Byrne (Superflat Games) recently announced on his blog that his survival horror hit Lone Survivor is finally coming to both PS Vita and PS3. The PlayStation ports will be programmed by Curve Studios based in London.

If you don’t know Curve Studios, they’re the developers responsible for Fluidity (a 2D puzzle game for WiiWare) and Explodemon (a fun 2.5D sidescroller/platformer for PS3 and PC). Both games have received mostly favorable reviews with Fluidity scoring an incredibly high 86% on Metacritic.

If you follow Jasper Byrne’s blog and Twitter, you’ll see that even though he makes his games to play on PC’s, he’s actually more of a console gamer first and foremost; especially on his PS3.

But wait, perhaps you’ve never heard of Lone Survivor? Hit the jump to learn more about the game. Read the rest of this entry

Indie Spotlight: Lone Survivor Preview

Lone Survivor creator, Jasper Byrne spent the last four years in development of this game and it shows.

Dim shifting lights, the static SCREE of unknown horrors, eloquent conversations with the inanimate, a slipping grasp of reality… Lone Survivor has everything a survival horror game fan wants, needs and should have.

You are, as the title implies, the lone survivor of an unknown epidemic who has run out of supplies in their boarded up apartment. To survive, you’ll have to balance your character’s need for food and sleep against the desire to explore more of this haunted complex for survivors, answers, and escape. Read the rest of this entry


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