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Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers Review

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Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is a quirky puzzler/platformer from the small German indie collective known as Black Pants Studio. The game demonstrates an abundance of creativity in everything from soundtrack to gameplay mechanics, as well as a striking technical mastery of physics. But despite its many compelling elements, Tiny & Big comes up just short of its great potential due to simple mistakes and a failure to follow its considerable strengths. Read the rest of this entry

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GLaDOS: Please Proceed Into Android Hell

She is Always Right

GLaDOS: Please Proceed into Android Hell

By: Kirsten Grove-White

While I was browsing – a music sharing site with video game-like properties such as quests and levels – I came across this fun little piece that was released in 2007 that actually started out as a joke. Thankfully its creators, Victims of Science, decided to make something serious out of it which has since become their most popular piece.

It utilizes auto-tuned clips of GLaDOS’ voice, as well as a couple of turret clips thrown in for added creepiness, to form semi-coherent lyrics. I’m not generally a huge fan of techno, having been raised playing classical music since I was five, but this is quirky and has enough melody for me to actually like it. Read the rest of this entry


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