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The Best Games You Missed in 2012 – Part 2

games you missed 2012

Last week we published part one of what we think are the best games that many people missed in 2012. Games like Spec Ops: the Line, Sleeping Dogs, DYAD, and Sound Shapes went unnoticed and never achieved the sales that they deserved. Hopefully last weeks list helped people find the games that they forgot or didn’t hear about because it didn’t get the marketing it needed to stand-out in the over-populated marketplace.

This next list include a Japanese wolf-god, a lone survivor, a demon-possessed gangster, a hyper-violent killer and more so check out the Best Games You Missed in 2012 – Part 2 after the break.

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The Darkness 2 Developer Interview

The Darkness 2 Developer Interview

Back in the early days of this console generation, The Darkness successfully transitioned from a much loved graphic novel, to a successful story-driven first-person shooter for PS3 and Xbox 360. Players itching to continue demonized mobster Jackie Estacado’s story will be surprised by the amount of action, story, new darkness powers, and exciting gameplay that the The Darkness 2 brings to the table.

I had a chance to talk to Sheldon Carter, the Project Director at Digital Extremes (developer of The Darkness 2) to discuss the new features, story, and gameplay tweaks that players can expect from the sequel.

Check out the interview and trailer after the break.

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