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The Most Heartbreaking Romances In Gaming

heartbreaking romances gaming

Everyone’s Valentine’s gaming lists feature some kind of “the greatest romances” list but you know what? True romance is as short as life itself, and because of that I’ll be looking at the most heartbreaking romances in gaming. You know, the ones where one of the characters dies, or their romance is cut short because of circumstances beyond their control.

Once upon a time, interactive love stories and romances could only be found in awkward Japanese dating sims and hard-to-find JRPG’s. Nowadays, almost every game tells its own version of romance. From Jim Raynor’s short fling with Sarah Kerrigan in Starcraft, Max and Mona’s dangerous pairing in Max Payne 2, and even Sonic’s awkward, yet sweet relationship with Elise in Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), gamers of all ages are able to empathize with even the most stoic/boring characters *Cough* Cloud or Squall in Final Fantasy *Cough* since romance is something that we all have experienced. But you’re not here for the lovey-dovey stuff, you’re here for the stunningly effective, heartbreaking romances that prove the words “happily ever after” is a crock of bull.

Great romances are as short as life itself, and these next couples did the best they could and loved as much as they could with the time that they had together. All end in tragedy, yet in that tragedy did they find true romance.

Let’s start the list shall we?

*Warning: Major Spoliers Ahead!* Read the rest of this entry

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