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Link Roundup – July 8th


Link Roundup is a collection of links from gaming (and non-gaming) sites all over the internet we hope will spark discussions, keep you informed and up-to-date, and broaden your gaming horizons. Readers are encouraged to send link suggestions to

The Last of Us is the first game this year to top UK sales charts for four straight weeks.

Legend of Zelda fans want to see Zelda as a playable character. As if this writing, the Facebook group has more than 5000 likes. (Eiji Aonuma, one of the major creative forces behind recent Zelda entries, has said he’d be willing to consider it if enough fans were interested, so head on over and click thumbs up if you want to do some dungeon crawling in a dress.)

Microsoft has released the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade schedule. It kicks off August 7th with Starbreeze Studios’ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Richard Moss, writing for Polygon, has an excellent essay on the burgeoning Kenyan game industry.

Happy 20th birthday Star Fox! Maybe to celebrate — and since companies seem to be in the mood to revive old franchises — we could get a new game?

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P2P – The Indie Uprising and Reemergence of Adventure Games


The indie game scene has been gathering steam over the last few years; smaller development studios are now able to distribute their games on bigger platforms and are able to reach mainstream audiences. Conventions like PAX dedicate locations for indie developers and millions of gamers have played and thoroughly enjoyed their share of indie excellence.

It’s amazing to see the shift within the game industry and consumers; while the Triple-A titles will still sell, more and more gamers are starting to realize that they CAN find indie games that tackle social issues, games that take creative risks, and games that affect them on personal and emotional levels just like their favourite books and films. Fellow JTM writer Jordan Shaw and I recently had a conversation about the indie uprising, the reemergence of adventure games, as well as indie’s impact on the industry. Read the rest of this entry

Indie Spotlight – DLC Quest (Xbox Live Indie)

dlc quest logo

A lot of people dismiss the Xbox Live Indie storefront as a place to find cheap Minecraft knockoffs, but if you actually dig deeper, you’ll find unique and fun indie games like the Ottawa-based Going Loud Studios’ DLC quest; an 8-bit platformer that satires the game industry’s most enduring hot-topics, questionable DLC practices.

For 80 Microsoft Points (MSP), you’ll find a short but funny game with tight, platforming action and an incredibly addictive chiptune soundtrack. To be perfectly honest, I think DLC Quest is more worthy of your precious Microsoft Points compared to many of the add-on DLC’s currently available for some of the industry’s biggest games. It may be short, but I appreciated the satirical look at one of the gaming industry’s most talked-about issues.

Find out more about the Canadian-developed indie DLC Quest after the break. Read the rest of this entry

An Open Letter to the Folks at Xbox Live

Dear Microsoft Masters who control my console,

After years of loyal service (and paying my Gold Membership fees) I have a complaint. It’s not about the increasingly annoying user interfaces you’ve saddled us with, the somewhat middling sales and specials, or the frustrating Kinect controls (Hey, there’s something that’s not better with Kinect!). It’s something else.

I hate the ads.

Not the ones about games or what’s coming soon or what’s new. I’m talking about the terrible third-party ads (mostly movie trailers) that play music when you accidentally scroll across one. Read the rest of this entry

Capcom Digital Collection Releases Exclusively On Xbox 360

Early yesterday, Capcom announced that they were releasing Capcom Digital Collection (exclusive to the Xbox 360) to retail store shelves this month. The game collection includes eight of Capcom’s prior digital releases found on Xbox Live faithfully maintaining each of the games’ features including online functionality, achievements, and special features.

Capcom Digital Collection will include the following titles:

  • 1942: Joint Strike, 
  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, 
  • Final Fight Double Impact (includes Final Fight and Magic Sword), 
  • Flock!, 
  • Rocketmen™: Axis of Evil including Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus expansion, 
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, 
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix,
  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

Find out more about Capcom Digital Collection after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Twisted Pixel Bought By Microsoft

On October 12 at 3 am (PDT) indie game dev studio Twisted Pixel was welcomed into the Microsoft family after six years of developing independent games for Microsoft platforms.

“Twisted Pixel has an incredible track record of innovative, critically acclaimed, and most importantly, fun, games,” said Phil Spencer, corporate vice president, Microsoft Studios. “Microsoft Studios is home to cutting-edge entertainment experiences, and the incredible creativity of the Twisted Pixel team will help drive further innovation around Kinect and Xbox LIVE.”

Translation: “Twisted Pixel fans will have more games to look forward to, but now we own their asses.”

Considering that every game produced by Twisted Pixel has been for XBLA or the Kinect, future  products by the studio aren’t likely to change. I just hope  Microsoft follows through on their promise and allows Twisted Pixel to continue injecting their signature sense of humour into new titles.

Find the official news (and a mention about shipping BBQ using inter-office mail) on Major Nelson’s blog or go hardcore PR with the developer’s release.

Get Free Microsoft Points With Xbox Rewards

So here’s something I missed out on when it was first announced. Xbox Rewards is now in Canada(and has been since July!). So now us northerner gamers can earn Microsoft points for doing things we already do!

Signing up is easy, free, and only takes 36 hours to link to your account. Why 36 hours? Damned if I know, that’s a question for your online Microsoft Customer Experience Rep.

Points are rewarded for completing surveys, entering contests, and purchasing Xbox Live Gold and select games. For every 100 points accrued, the amount will be deposited into your account on the 15th of the following month. Microsoft also has rewards such as draws and bonus offers for members who’ve signed up.

Sounds like a sweet deal? The program’s only around until July 2012. Get on those freebies fast!

More Of The Best Xbox Live Arcade Games

Last week we posted a list of our Top 5 Favourites on Xbox Live Arcade, highlighting Shadow Complex, Dead Rising 2: Case West/Case Zero, X-Men Arcade, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Limbo.

Find out what games are included in our more awesome list after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Choplifter HD Developer Interview

Choplifter HD Developer Interview

Who could forget playing the classic Choplifter for the ATARI? Even with it’s blocky and antiquated graphics, Choplifter is even now still really fun to play. I was surprised to see a new game in the franchise.

JTM Games had a chance to talk to Bryan Perfetto, lead engineer for the game at inXile entertainment about their upcoming Xbox Live and PSN game. Check out the interview and gameplay footage of Choplifter HD after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Five Ways to Save on Xbox Live Arcade

Five Ways to Save on Xbox Live Arcade

By Lee Guille

1) Sales, Sales, Sales!
My favourite way of saving money on XBLA are the Deal of the Week, Seasonal Sales (New Years, X-mas, Canada Day, etc…). Take a browse every Tuesday to see what’s new.

2) Get the Scoop
Don’t you hate picking up something only find it’s gone on sale the next day? Follow Major Nelson’s blog at for insider updates on upcoming sales, contests, and XBLA arrivals.

Check out more ways to save after the break.  Read the rest of this entry


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